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Website of composer Daniel Carlton, specializing in the


genres of drama, western, horror, sci-fi and documentary.


The job of the soundtrack composer is to tell a story with a language that is archaic and mysterious and at the same time refined and tempered. It takes a firm hand, and a lot of patience, for any composer to strike the correct balance in a cue. That’s why it’s so easy to make a strong recommendation in Daniel and his work. Few musicians can take the music they imagine to the emotional level that Daniel can.

Dave Wirth
Composer, Musician
Daniel’s artistry isn’t only in his musical talents, but rather his ability to compliment and move a plot forward with subtlety, musical motifs, and thoughtfully composed arrangements. It wouldn’t be the narrative it is without his talents driving the score.
Erick Castillo
Writer, Director

Daniel is easily the most perceptive composer I’ve worked with. I don’t take the role of composer lightly, as you are entrusting in them the soul of your film. Daniel undoubtedly understands this and is thoroughly curious about character so they can be further explored sonically. He is and will be my go-to on future projects.

August Holt Markwardt
Writer, Director
Music is so important, and Daniel is a phenomenal composer – very intuitive! He has scored four of my films, mostly comedies – and always manages to come up with something original and true to the theme of each. My latest endeavor, “A Bitter Reckoning”, is heavy drama, and what he came up for it is nothing short of brilliant – totally transforming the finished film.
Albert Fry Jr.
Writer, Director